What an Informational Interview Can Do for You

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Lawyers and law students should always be making new contacts. It is a good idea to connect with individuals at formal events, build relationships on social media, and volunteer in your community. Once you make these connections what do you do with them? Consider conducting informational interviews. Here are five steps to learning more about…

Finding New Talent: Financial Search

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Things are changing in the workforce and financial service companies are always looking for top talent. Leaders in financial businesses need to be creative to tap into the newest generation of candidates. Here are some tips for helping your organization find top financial talent. Plan for the future. Hiring isn’t a singular event. Once you…

Engage Employees with Your Leadership

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New business technologies have created an environment that can sometimes become overwhelmed with information. Much of today’s business is conducted on the Internet and it is easy to get sucked into the virtual world. Both managers and employees feel this pull of too much information and it often leads to decreased communication. A good business…

Mobile Apps for Every Nurse

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The prevalence of smartphones and other hand-held devices means that information is literally at our fingertips in ways it has never been before. As a nursing professional, you may want to consider some of the newest apps that can make your daily job easier. Here are some mobile applications that you should try out today….