Small Firms Can Have Great Customer Relationships

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There is a certain level of customer service that is expected from large financial firms. Sometimes this expectation is met but other times even national firms can disappoint customers. Customer service shouldn’t be something that “sets you apart” from your competition but rather an expected aspect of conducting quality business. Here are some ideas for…

Networking to Advance Your Legal Career

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Networking is often described as the best way to find a new job. However, not everyone loves to get out and socialize in this way. In order to network successful it is a good idea to have a plan and strategy in place. Lawyers and law students should pay special attention to networking opportunities that…

The Importance of a Personal Brand for Employer and Job Seeker Alike

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Personal Brand development is as important for job seekers as it is for employers in today’s information age. Companies are looking at a candidate’s ability to build social networks online as much as they are looking for other skills. Klout scores, for instance, are becoming a requirement for applications at some companies like SalesForce. It…

Qualities of Top Nurse Administrators

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When making any hiring decision, especially in a market where so many qualified candidates are available, it is important to recognize the very best talent. What are some of the traits to look for when searching for a highly effective nurse administrator? Here are ten qualities that the most successful administrators share. Practical and realistic….