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Are you hiring for healthcare workers in Virginia. How do you know what a fair benefits package would be? Of course, much of the information will depend on the specific position as well as the location. Businesses in or near Washington DC will offer a higher salary and benefits package than suburban or rural areas. If you’re in the market for employees throughout Virginia here are a few things you might want to know about offering benefits.

  • Health insurance. Offering a comprehensive healthcare package which includes dental and vision insurance is considered top quality. With major changes to health insurance as implemented by the Affordable Care Act, your company may already be able to provide excellent benefits to your health care employees.
  • Paid time off. For many employees, especially in the field of healthcare where shifts are often extended, paid time off is better than gold. Allow your team the opportunity to bank time off. You may want to reevaluate your current vacation package and see if there is any room for improvement.
  • Non-financial benefits. Benefits that aren’t tied to money are also sought after by workers in the healthcare industry. This could be something as simple as a gym membership or wellness programs within the office. You may also want to consider an employee recognition program.
  • Flexible schedule. If you can, another great benefit for healthcare employees is to provide a flexible schedule option. This may depend entirely on their interaction with patients and their role within the company. However, allowing someone to come in earlier or leave later can be beneficial to your business and help keep the employees active and engaged.
  • Finally, you may wish to consider performance based bonuses. Establishing this type of program can help grow your business and encourage top production from your workers. Healthcare bonuses will not be as extensive as someone in sales or marketing but they can help provide a better benefits package that will be appreciated.

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