Rock Your Next Video Interview to Land the Job

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Have you been asked to participate in a video interview? If you haven’t yet, you will be soon – whether you are a jobseeker or a current employee. More and more companies are turning to online video technology to conduct interviews for their open positions. While many of the same concepts apply, there are ways…

Help Millennial Accountants Adjust to the Industry

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The workforce is changing. As Baby Boomer accountants finally retire from their careers, millennials are filling the gaps. But how should millennials acclimate themselves to the accounting industry? Alternately, how can the accounting industry adapt to better suit millennials? While the accountants of the past worked more behind the scenes; that is not today’s industry….

3 Ways to Advance Your Healthcare Career

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Do you feel like your healthcare career is stuck in a rut? It may not be the job itself, or even the industry, but rather a sense of stagnation that will quickly hold you back from feeling fully accomplished. If you want to move forward in your career, you may want to consider trying a…

There’s a Growing Demand for Specialized Lawyers

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Is there a growing demand for lawyers who specialize in certain fields rather than offer a little of everything? If so, what areas of expertise are most sought after by law firms and their clients? Before you continue in your career, you may want to consider the implications of being either a generalist or a…