Staffing Agencies Find You a Job That’s More Than a Paycheck

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Have you ever considered working with a staffing agency before? There are many reasons people don’t consider one, but usually those are based on inconsistent information and anecdotal stories. To truly give an agency a proper evaluation, you need to take a look at all of the benefits that you can get when working with…

The Right Answer to “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

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There are a lot of questions that throw job seekers off their game in an interview, even some of the more common ones. But while you’re preparing for your next meeting with a potential employer, it’s important to consider your answers to these questions. One of the most common is “Where do you see yourself…

The Perfect Three-Step Guide on What to Do After Meeting Someone

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Not everyone in the workforce today considers themselves and extrovert or even adept at networking. But even though networking may be essential for your career, it doesn’t change the fact that meeting new people can be a daunting task when you’re not prepared or equipped. For shy and introverted professionals, it can be downright terrifying….

5 Books for an Introverted Accountant

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If you’re introverted, you’ve probably spent a lot of your time retreating into the world of books. But this same escape can provide you with tools to be more confident in your accounting career. Books that help introverts thrive in business communities will give you an additional push to get you past hurdles in your…

Social Media Will Find Your Next Job

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The truth about today’s job market is that social media is not a passing fad. More and more job seekers are finding their next opportunity through social media. You may not know how to leverage your profiles or want to be public on the internet, but there are some things you need to have in…

You Had a Bad Job Interview. Now What?

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Not every interview will make you leave the office excited about a job offer. Whether it is red flags from the manager or your own mistakes, you may find yourself in the aftermath of a bad interview. What do you do to recover without letting your experience negatively affect the rest of your job search?…

4 Annoying Behaviors to Remove from Your Job Search

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You’re looking for a job. You may scour the online job postings or review social media to find the right opportunity for your next career move. But how you approach your job search is as important as the results. Are you engaging in behaviors that seem logical to you but are huge red flags for…

Why You Need to Be More Enthusiastic in Your Job Search

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Many people are surprised to find out that the best weapon a job seeker has is their attitude. Time and time again, recruiters and hiring managers talk to candidates who come across negatively or as though they are owed a job. Instead, the best way to approach an interview is by being enthusiastic about their…