Should Nurse Practitioners Have Full-Practice Authority?

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The healthcare field has changed dramatically during the last few decades. What was once an industry hierarchy from doctors to nurses is now more blended. Nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and DOs have a hand in giving patients well-rounded care in today’s medical system. There have been some questions raised lately about giving nurse practitioners full-practice authority….

Healthcare Careers on the Rise

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While there is a lot of information available about the changes in our healthcare system coming over the next year or so, one thing that experts do seem to agree on is that healthcare careers are on the rise. Over the next several years we will begin to see increased growth in these careers which…

Demands for Healthcare Professionals

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Jobs in the healthcare industry continue to rise across the country while other markets are still stagnating. The medical community has actually been facing a shortage of trained medical staff, such as nurses, over the last year. What is causing this demand? Here are several factors to take into consideration while you’re looking for your…