Will Virtual Visits Cut Healthcare Costs?

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On-demand, virtual doctors are an interesting point of conversation right now but will they replace face-to-face office visits or can they cut healthcare costs? What does virtual healthcare mean to the industry overall? It is important that we look into some of these things and how they will affect the healthcare industry that we know….

Align Healthcare Culture with Interview Process

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An interview is as important for the candidate as it is for the interviewer. They are not the only ones who need to make an excellent first impression. It is important that your conversation conveys a sense of shared values between your organization and the candidate. How do you demonstrate your facility‚Äôs culture and value…

Increase Learner Engagement: Employee Accountability for Nursing Staff

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It may be surprising to hear that employee accountability is a key factor in job satisfaction but studies have shown that accountable employees are happier in their jobs overall. Because of the government regulations and requirements surrounding healthcare, if you make compliance easy to understand your nursing staff will find they are able to concentrate…

Choosing the Right Nursing Career

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Nursing is not a simple or singular profession. Each individual has a potential career path that can take them in a number of different directions. Did you get into nursing because you like helping people? Or do you prefer the back office where you can make a difference by organizing information? Here is a short…