The Perfect Three-Step Guide on What to Do After Meeting Someone

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Not everyone in the workforce today considers themselves and extrovert or even adept at networking. But even though networking may be essential for your career, it doesn’t change the fact that meeting new people can be a daunting task when you’re not prepared or equipped. For shy and introverted professionals, it can be downright terrifying….

5 Questions Employers Must Ask About Their Healthcare Plan

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With all the changes that have come about due to the Affordable Care Act it is important for organizations to review their needs. They should discuss compliance with their current healthcare plan and, if necessary, make major changes to ensure they are providing the proper coverage and won’t be hit with penalties. There are even…

Top 4 LinkedIn Groups to source for Accounting Professionals in DC

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LinkedIn is the premier online source for professional networking. Job seekers are creating profiles to help them with their search and recruiters and hiring managers are connecting with professionals who can bring much needed skills to their businesses. One of the best ways for professionals and hiring managers to connect is through the LinkedIn groups….

Healthcare War on Talent

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Big changes in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the way some companies are sourcing and hiring healthcare employees. There is a battle waging among employers when it comes to hiring top talent. How can you be sure that your facility is winning the war? Here are a few ideas to make sure…

Legal Salary Trends on the Rise: What Should You Be Offering?

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Rate of pay has always been a hotly debated subject among employers, salary analysts, and human resources professionals. One of the biggest challenges for hiring managers in any industry right now is surrounding what to offer candidates starting new roles. During the recession many organizations reduced their overall salaries to save money, but many have…

Why It is Time For a New Accountant in DC

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As businesses and individuals are working on their tax returns before the mid-April deadline, the accounting industry also begins to see an excellent opportunity to attract new talent. If you are a small but growing business it may be a great time to bring accounting in house. Or, you may need to add staff to…

Temp Employee Onboarding Kit – DC Temp Agencies

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Are you ready to bring a temporary employee onboard for a short-term project or to fill in for someone out of the office? You might think you have everything under control but there are things that can make your new temporary team member’s experience even easier. Here are a few items to make sure you…