Demands for Healthcare Professionals

Jobs in the healthcare industry continue to rise across the country while other markets are still stagnating. The medical community has actually been facing a shortage of trained medical staff, such as nurses, over the last year. What is causing this demand? Here are several factors to take into consideration while you’re looking for your next job in the healthcare industry.

  • Changes in the Healthcare plans. The Affordable Care Act will continue to implement changes of some existing healthcare processes and will open doors for more practitioners.  However, many experts feel the demand will not be as high as originally anticipated.  Specific healthcare jobs will be affected differently.
  • Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants. Because Nurse Practitioners and PAs are able to provide much of the same care as an MD without the same salary, the need for these roles will rise in medical facilities.
  • Need for RNs. Because of the rise in demand for Nurse Practitioners the number of available registered nurses will continue to decline. This need will make the industry boom for RNs interested in entering the field.
  • Diagnostic Technicians. The changes with the Affordable Care Act will mean the newly covered patients will need to receive more testing than current systems can provide. Ultrasound technicians and radiologists will see more opportunities arise.
  • Pharmacists remain competitive. This medical field will continue to rise and is expected to see more of a need approaching 2014, but it will remain a largely competitive market.
  • Primary care. The Affordable Care Act is also establishing the Prevention and Public Health Fund to work toward diagnosing problems and treating them early. This means that primary care, the current backbone of preventative care, will see an increased need.
  • Tax benefits for students in under-served fields. The Treasury Department is offering tax benefits for students who chose to enter medical fields that are considered “underserved,” such as primary care. This benefit is retroactive to 2009. There is a focus on making healthcare education more affordable to encourage individuals to enter these fields as the demand begins to rise.

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