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Have a Big Presentation? Four Tips that Help Quiet Accountants Succeed

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Anyone who has any ounce of shyness in their personality will feel that anxiety creep up when they have to give a big presentation. Even if you planned to work on crunching numbers all the time, you will occasionally need to put yourself out there in front of clients. When you’re ready for the big…

Could Your Next Healthcare Career Be in Telemedicine?

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  The world of healthcare is changing rapidly. Not only does technology increase your ability to communicate, diagnose, and perform daily tasks, it is also changing the very way some patients have access to healthcare. This is called telemedicine. Could your next healthcare career be in telemedicine? Let’s take a closer look at what it…

Legal Job Growth Is Stalling – How Can You Find Top Talent?

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It may sound impossible, but job growth within the legal industry is stalling. How can you find top talent for your law firm? Before you start attending law school hiring events and placing ads online for legal assistants or paralegals, there are a few things you should know. What kind of non-traditional ways can you…

Details Make the Difference If You Want the Job Offer

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  Applying for jobs and attending interviews is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting a job offer. There are a few things you can do that will enhance your chances as you move forward through the process. Before you apply to the next job, it’s a good idea to take…

How to Develop an Accounting Team that Leverages Big Data

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Ask any expert and you’ll hear that we’re living in an era of big data. This isn’t just related to information technology, big data is a factor in almost every industry, including support like accounting. Is your firm or accounting team leveraging big data to it’s fullest potential? How do you hire professionals who understand…

Salary Guide for Nurses in the Washington DC Area

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Are you looking for your next nursing job in the Washington DC area? Before you apply, you may want to know the average salaries for the area and how to get top dollar for your skills. Here is a basic salary guide to help you understand rates and negotiations in the areas around the U.S….

Legal Job Interview Question: How Do You Sell Your Firm’s Value?

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When you interview for your next legal job, you’ll need to do a lot of sales. While you didn’t go into the law to be a salesperson, every interview is a chance to market your skills to a potential employer. One thing law firms measure is value. Whether you’re pitching clients or yourself, you need…

Worst Job Interview Mistakes from the Mouths of C-Suite Executives

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Mistakes happen. The important part is that you’re aware of them and work to improve your skills. When they happen at an interview, it can make or break your ability to get the job. What do executives think are the biggest and worst job mistakes that a new job seeker can make? Before your next…

Complaining at Work Is Holding Back Your Accounting Career

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Did you know that too much complaining actually changes your brain chemistry? It’s been shown that when you focus on the negative, your brain begins to process incoming data differently. If you find yourself complaining at work, it may be affecting more than just the way you think. It could be holding back your career….