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Complaining at Work Is Holding Back Your Accounting Career

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Did you know that too much complaining actually changes your brain chemistry? It’s been shown that when you focus on the negative, your brain begins to process incoming data differently. If you find yourself complaining at work, it may be affecting more than just the way you think. It could be holding back your career….

What Nurses Want Is Changing – Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared?

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The landscape of the American workplace is changing rapidly. The world that our parents knew is long gone and companies need to adjust to working with the newest workforce, client demands, and social factors. This is very much the case in medical environments and for nurses. If you hire nursing staff, have you considered what…

Which Skills Make Legal Professionals Attractive for Legal Technology Jobs

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The law and technology really do go hand in hand. Whether it’s a knowledge of tech issues, such as data privacy, or the ability to use the latest legal technology software, firms and other legal employers are really seeking out candidates who possess these skills. If you want to be hired in a position where…

Are You Jealous of Your Friend’s New Job? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

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It’s normal to feel a little jealousy when someone you know has something you don’t have. This can be especially true when it comes to a job search. If your friend has found a new job, it’s likely to spark feelings for you that you want to make a big change too.  And while you…

Burnout – How to Recover from a Long and Busy Accounting Season

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Tax season seems like it was so long ago, but it’s barely been over a month since Tax Day came and went. Have you recovered from the stress? Sometimes it’s hard to do because you’re just now catching up on all things that needed to be done but were neglected since January. But don’t let…

Three-Step Guide to Becoming a Medical Assistant

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If you’re considering your career in the healthcare field, you may have thought about a role as a medical assistant. It is one of the hottest career choices for healthcare today, so its no wonder that many people are looking at the steps they need to take to become a medical assistant. Before you do,…

Project-Based Legal Jobs Are Becoming More Popular

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Did you know there is a trend in today’s law field for firms or corporations to hire attorneys for project-based work rather than as full-time employees? It’s a way for law firms to reduce their overall costs and financial risk. If you’re thinking that working in the law on a project basis is right for…

Successful Tips for Women to Find Female Mentors that Help Their Career

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Having a mentor who can talk to you about their experience, including both failures and successes, can be a huge benefit to anyone at any stage of their career. But for women, who have to face a variety of roadblocks from the pay gap to inequality in the workplace, a strong team of people to…

Technology Advice – Could This Be Your New Revenue Stream?

Posted by & filed under Accounting Staffing.

Have you had clients ask you a question about their accounting software? If so, how do you accommodate? You may simply give advice, based on your own experience, but you could be missing out on a major revenue stream. A recent industry survey showed that nearly 85 percent of accounting firms were asked in a…

The Best Skills to Become a Charge Nurse

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  Charge nurses are key to the smooth operation of any hospital or facility. If you want to advance your career and become a charge nurse, what do you need to know? How do you position your experience and apply to jobs with this title? Along with the hard skills you’ll need, specifically nursing experience…