Best intern I have had in 15 years in the business, and a number of different Temp Agencies. The intern adapted to this position as though it was a career position. Even though not aligned with her own goals, she aligned herself to ours. Should we need a temp in the future, this is the […]

I hope you know that your friendly nature and your esteemed company’s never-ending hospitality, excellent service and welcoming atmosphere is what has made us remain such loyal clients to you through the years.

You really provide some of the best temporary assistance!

I appreciate your unfailing attention to detail, your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.

Once again I am AMAZED at the awesome work you all do.

NRI’s candidate pool is more extensive and qualified than I have been able to attract on my own through the conventional means of advertising, job posting, employee referrals and websites.

I like the professional feel and the communication that is open and prevalent. I also enjoy your company’s fantastic reputation and perfect manner of business.

NRI has high expectations for everyone in their network. These expectations include trust, quality, and reliability… I like the quality of professionalism NRI expects… it carries through both their staff and temporary employees.

The candidates that (NRI) present and who ultimately interview with us are always well qualified…

I wanted to take the time to tell you how great the past few years have been since changing to NRI from our old staffing firm. I’m happy to say that this has become a permanent one!