Mobile Apps for Every Nurse

The prevalence of smartphones and other hand-held devices means that information is literally at our fingertips in ways it has never been before. As a nursing professional, you may want to consider some of the newest apps that can make your daily job easier. Here are some mobile applications that you should try out today.

  • “Pill Identifier.” This application gives you a visual identifier for nearly 15,000 medications. It allows you to search by the shape, color, imprint, or other identifiers. This can help if medication trays get jostled or dropped or if you need to get new information on a drug you are unfamiliar with.
  • “Drug Reference.” This app gives you more details about the medications in question. It provides information on doses, interactions, reactions, and warnings. This application, along with Pill Identifier, is stored directly on your phone so you do not need an internet connection to access them. Both will cost around $40, but this may be reimbursable by your employer.
  • “IDdx.” This application, Infectious Disease Queries, gives you the ability to look up infections and diseases by both name and symptom. This will allow you to understand the possible illness before an exam has been completed. You may be able to calm fears that a patient has scabies when what they really have is poison ivy. This costly tool can run $100.
  • “Mini-Nurse Lite.” This inexpensive application, at only $3.00, provides entry level information for aspiring nurses and nursing students. It can help with medical terminology and abbreviations and provides details on vital signs and a number of other critical things. It is a great pocket guide while you’re still training.
  • “Taber’s Medical Dictionary.” This comprehensive app is very useful when it comes to medical terminology but the $50 price tag is subscription only. This also means that the dictionary is only available while you have access to the internet. The subscription only lasts a year so you have to pay another $50 once it expires.
  • “Code Happy.” If you want to take a break from the everyday stress of nursing, consider this fun application which offers cartoons, jokes, and funny quotes about nursing to make you laugh.

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