Finding New Talent: Financial Search

Things are changing in the workforce and financial service companies are always looking for top talent. Leaders in financial businesses need to be creative to tap into the newest generation of candidates. Here are some tips for helping your organization find top financial talent.

  1. Plan for the future. Hiring isn’t a singular event. Once you bring someone on to your team you need to have a strategy to manage them effectively and develop their career within your company. Simply hiring a number of financial employees and hoping some of them stick is not an effective strategy. Think about the individuals that your business needs now as well as in five or ten years. Recruit talent that has potential.
  2. Be actively involved. Contacting a financial staffing service is only part of the equation when it comes to hiring the best talent for your company. Talk with your recruiter about your long term vision for the job. Develop a top notch job description and marketing program to attract the right people to your door.
  3. No magic bullet. Some organizations are choosing to outsource these functions in hopes that the situation will handle itself. Talent shortages are making this strategy unsustainable. There is no easy answer for filling the skills gap. Put out the best information about your company and job requirements and review candidates until you find someone who will be a great long term fit for your organization.
  4. Who will make the greatest impact? As you develop your recruiting strategy it is important to start with the most critical positions first. You may want to focus on candidates who are CPAs and MBAs. Accounting and financial reporting are important positions on which to concentrate especially with the increased requirements. Look at what talent your organization is currently lacking and start there.
  5. Consider internal promotions. Before you begin to think about how to hire new talent for your company, look at your current team. There may be some diamonds in the rough who already work for you. Who can you develop into a star employee? Who shows potential for future growth? This will also create a corporate culture which will make new employees interested in staying with your organization.

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