Align Healthcare Culture with Interview Process

An interview is as important for the candidate as it is for the interviewer. They are not the only ones who need to make an excellent first impression. It is important that your conversation conveys a sense of shared values between your organization and the candidate. How do you demonstrate your facility’s culture and value system in the interview? Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Behavioral assessments. Before beginning to interview new candidates it is important to assess your facility’s core values. There are many professional tools available for conducting personality profiles in your organization to determine how your current, successful team meets the company standards and shares the values. Be sure to match the results to the overall mission.
  2. Behavioral interviews. Once you know what your shared values are and the characteristics that make up your current team, it is time to implement behavioral interviewing standards. When asking questions of potential candidates it is important to phrase it in a way that communicates your values but doesn’t prompt the interviewee to change their responses to cater to your requests.
  3. Provide tools for researching your organization. Candidates want to work for facilities that match their core values. Provide them with the information they need to do their homework prior to arriving to the first interview. Create videos on your website that communicate your message and mission.
  4. Remain quiet. All too often hiring managers will spend a lot of time explaining the culture and values to the candidates along with describing the job duties and the other members of the team. It is important to allow the candidate to spend time tell you about themselves. If you don’t rush to fill a lull in the conversation they will continue to speak and you will learn a lot about their experience, their interest, and their values.
  5. Ask for specific examples. Behavioral interviewing can be easily conducted if you remember one simple phrase, “Tell me about a time when…?” Use specific instances that they will likely encounter while working in your facility. Ask about their interaction with patients, about their decision making skills, and about how they handle themselves when stressed or flustered.

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