4 Ways to Prepare for your Administrative Interview

Employers know that not every job or every interview is one size fits all. It is important for candidates to also understand the different levels of preparation that need to go into different interviews. If you’re looking for an opportunity in an administrative role here are four ways that you can prepare for your next interview.

  1. Do your homework. It is your responsibility to go into the interview prepared. You need to know about the company, their products or services and as much additional information as you are able to glean from reading their company website and LinkedIn profile. This will help you speak confidently about the job you’re interviewing for and show the manager that you are interested in their specific opportunity.
  2. Create a list. Before going to the interview spend some time reading over the job description. Make a list of the desired skills and experience. Use that list to write out how your own skills apply to the job functions. This will prepare you for answering questions about the specific job and your background. You want to demonstrate that you understand the position and that you want to be the solution to their hiring problem.
  3. Connect on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a marvelous resource. It is currently the number one social media website used for recruiting. Send a request to connect to the interviewer. This will demonstrate your interest in the company and show them that you have a desire to learn more. This will also give you an opportunity to gather information about the person you will be speaking with, such as their background prior to working in this position.
  4. Have questions of your own. Employers want to know you are engaged and the best way to do that is to have a few questions of your own in the interview. When you’re reading the company website or LinkedIn information think about some things you would like to know more about. If you’re stuck thinking of a question a good place to start is “Can you tell me about your experience with the company and how you came to your position?” This shows that you are interested in their career and long term growth with the company.

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