Five Best Apps For The Legal Industry

Mobile technology is really changing the way we interact on all levels, especially in our professional lives. Every industry has specialized applications that can allow them to conduct their jobs faster and more efficiently. The legal field is no exception. As a legal professional, what apps should you download to make sure you are keeping up to date with the latest technology that will enhance your career? Here are the five best apps that we recommend.

  1. The ABA Journal App – The American Bar Association has long been an authority on legal information and changes in the field. They now have an app available for Apple devices that can give you access to all of their information right from the palm of your hand. The monthly magazine becomes readable and searchable on your smart device.
  2. Black’s Law Dictionary App – Another notable name in the legal field has always been Black’s Law Dictionary. Now, Android has made this resource available on all of their devices. This law dictionary will have everything you may need throughout your legal career and is regularly updated.
  3. Bloomberg’s Law – The Bloomberg franchise has a number of great resources for business, finance, and law. This app, available for iOS and Android devices, also works with the other Bloomberg apps and will provide breaking news in the field of law. The industry changes every day with new cases and decisions, so keep up to date with this app.
  4. Congress  If you want to keep up with the latest discussion and determination within the U.S. government’s Congress is one of the best resources. It is available for Apple devices. It will also allow you to follow the floor and connect with your congress person.
  5. Fastcase – Also available on all mobile platforms, Fastcase is one of the most reliable resources for quick and efficient legal research. It allows users to search through a number of different ways to always find the most accurate and up to date information. It has a smart search function that can help you find the right cases faster.

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