Does Your Law Firm Need Data Management?

Data management encompasses a number of things. Law firms, more than almost any other business entity, need to protect the data of their clients. Do you have protections in place? If you’re asking whether or not your law firm needs data management at all, you may be asking the wrong question. Let’s take a closer look at the types of data management and what you should be doing to protect your clients.

Cloud-based storage and data recovery

The most important requirement for data protection in a legal environment is to make sure that it is always accessible and protected. Cloud technology is proving to be the most reliable method for offsite storage so you don’t need to maintain dozens of large and costly servers on site. Because of the way the cloud works, your information is stored on servers all over the world and if one goes down, the rest are still available. This means you would have instant access to all of your information whenever you need it.

Shredding services for old paper documents

When it comes to paper documents there are plenty of regulations that describe how long something needs to be kept and how it must be stored. It is also critical that important and private information not be discarded inappropriately so personal items can’t fall into the wrong hands. Certified shredding services are available and can take care of your old documentation quickly and efficiently.

Check out system for all documentation

When someone in your office needs information, a management system should be in place that records the name, date, and time whenever it is accesses. This allows the firm to maintain control over all information – both in and out of the office at all times. If there are problems, the data is traceable and the resources can be located.

Audit trails for all information

When information is changed in the database there should also be a record. Audit trails will allow all users to see what the information before the change to ensure no important data is lost along the way. This trail also protects you from having anyone change information in the system under false pretenses.

Easy discovery software

Your law firm should definitely invest in software that is designed for data recovery and discovery. If there are problems with the server, a disaster recovery system should be in place. For day-to-day operations, you should be able to access information based on search terms or date ranges.

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