Keep Safety a Priority in Your Healthcare Setting

While safety precautions are most often associated with warehouse and production environments, safety in healthcare should also be a high priority. What are you doing to keep your staff safe on the job? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make safety a priority in your healthcare setting and work with your employees to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

Lifting restrictions and team lift.

Your staff should be trained on proper lift techniques and when it is appropriate to call on a partner to assist with the lift. Often in a medical setting healthcare workers disregard these instructions in an attempt to be helpful, but that can lead to long-term medical problems. When staff members are lifting patients, make sure they follow protocol for their sake and the sake of their patients.

Mitigate exposure to contagions.

Yes, a healthcare environment is volatile when it comes to spreading germs, bacteria, viruses, and other contagions. Make sure everyone is trained on the proper handling of needles, they aren’t careless with open sores, they always wear gloves, and wear masks when appropriate. There also should be a protocol followed for the amount of time and number of times that hands are cleaned.

Be aware of workplace violence.

There is a surprisingly high rate of violent encounters in clinical environments. These encounters can often be due to the unpredictable nature of patients who come into the facility for treatments. Have your staff know how to handle a potentially dangerous situation. They should know when to contact law enforcement if they feel they are in danger.

Be cautious with equipment.

Medical equipment can be heavy, sharp, or otherwise dangerous. There are liability issues when it comes to mishandling equipment in the workplace. Each new tool should come with training not only on how to use it but how to be safe around it to ensure both healthcare workers and patients are never at risk.

Provide training for your staff.

All of this boils down to proper training. Employees need to be trained in lifting, infectious diseases, violence, and disaster recovery. Each new employee must be put through an intensive orientation process. Veteran employees should also be trained on new protocol and given refresher courses to ensure the safety of everyone. It’s easy to forget existing employees when conducting training and assume they will pick it up quickly while doing their normal day-to-day activities.

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