Understanding What Healthcare Recruiters Look for in Nursing Candidates

Working with a healthcare recruiting specialist is often the most important tool in a nurse’s toolbox. Recruiters  hold the keys to the best healthcare job opportunities, so it is important to know how to impress them as much as you want to impress a hiring manager. They develop long-term relationships with healthcare facilities and can receive job postings for great positions earlier than before they become posted publicly. What are healthcare recruiters looking for in today’s top nursing candidates? Before you submit your resume for the next open position, consider cultivating these skills.

Knowledge of the latest healthcare technology.

The medical industry is changing on a fundamental level and that means the best candidates embrace technology. The most important new tech that a nurse should be knowledgeable about is electronic medical records or EMR. While EMR systems are different, knowing the basics and being receptive to learning a new system will ease any transition and make you an appealing job candidate. Equipment used in healthcare facilities also continues to develop with the latest technologies. Being able to learn those machines quickly or to show your previous experience will also increase your ability to be hired.

Ability to speak more than one language.

Recruiters also like to talk with candidates who are bilingual. Hospitals often need to speak with patients from a variety of backgrounds so nurses who can help communicate are highly desirable. While Spanish seems like the obvious choice, hospitals can use people who speak everything from Arabic to American Sign Language.

A desire to grow and improve.

A recruiter wants to represent an employee they believe will be successful. When they submit a resume to a client, they aren’t only looking out for what that candidate can do today but how they will continue to benefit the employer. If they don’t feel like you’re buying into the entire experience, they will be hesitant to represent you.

Flexible work abilities.

Employers also want to work with individuals who can handle a number of roles, not just someone who is set in one way of doing things. If you’re flexible to take on new projects you may not have a lot of experience with, it can be viewed as very favorable for your long-term employment opportunities. Don’t pigeonhole yourself and the recruiter or future employer won’t either.

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