Ready for a Career Change? Here’s How to Convince the Hiring Manager

You may be ready for a career change, but is the hiring manager on the same page? When you’re transitioning from one field to another, you have the added job of convincing the new company that your previous skills can transfer seamlessly to their needs without requiring extra hand holding on their part. So how do you demonstrate your worth to a company when you’re making a career change? Here are some tips to get you started.

You have more skills than you think.

When someone is transitioning from one industry to another, often they don’t take into account all of the things they have learned along the way that can serve them in a new role. While you can’t always use your accounting skills in a nursing job, for instance, you can use your analytical skills. Sometimes it might be easier to take a step back and look at how basic skills in your current field would apply to your desired new job. Asking friends or colleagues for their opinion can also help to get a fresh set of eyes on the situation.

Provide examples of your continued education.

While you may not have hands-on experience in the new industry, one of the best ways to show your new found skills is to demonstrate it through your new education. Share projects you’ve worked on, references from professors, and add the new skills to your resume under your education. Really highlight this in your application process as it shows the new company that you are dedicated to making the switch and not just paying it lip service.

Share references from your mentors.

Speaking of references, when transitioning to a new industry it is a good idea to develop relationships with others who have also made a similar career switch. A mentor can help you by answering questions, helping you work through challenges, and providing their own insight. They can also be additional references.

Offer to work on a temporary basis.

Finally, there is one more thing you can offer to help the company decide whether or not they want to hire you. Offer to work with a staffing agency as a temporary-to-hire candidate. Chances are, the organization has worked with agencies before so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to apply and be placed on assignment. This would give them a better perspective than just an interview. (And it would give you a trial as well to see if you really want to make the switch.)

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