Considering a Nursing Career? Here’s Why It Makes You a Great Person

There are numerous things to consider when you’re thinking about becoming a nurse. Besides the education you need and facility where you want to work, have you thought about what being a nurse means to you personally? Becoming a nurse can make you a better human being on a personal level. And while nurses are often taken for granted, they are also the comforting presence and the glue that can hold together the experience for patients, family and doctors. Here are some of the characteristics that nurses have that make them better people.

A Helpful Spirit

The number one reason we hear from people who choose to going into nursing is the desire to help others. Nursing often puts you on the front line to help those most vulnerable. It can be both empowering and stressful to be in these situations, but nurses come back to it time and time again.


There are a number of reasons that becoming a nurse is so attractive to those who want to help others. The first skill nurses hone is compassion. This is the need to treat those in difficult situations with dignity and thought. While nurses can be stoic and even harsh when needed, they understand that compassion drives their skills.


Additionally, nurses develop skills in caring for and about others. Not only do they help their patients and the families who are often devastated or unable to deal with the emotions, but they do so with care. This need to see and react to others’ pain in a way that can benefit everyone is paramount.


Nurses also cultivate the skills of selflessness. While patients might not always understand the actions or motives of their care team, nurses always put the needs of their patients above and beyond their own. Nursing is a highly stressful job because of the selflessness. When we care for others without caring for ourselves, it can be challenging.


Lastly, nurses need to be empathetic in their care. Experts believe empathy is one of the most important traits of the human condition. It is not only compassion, care, or selflessness, but the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and determine the best course of action for their specific situation. Empathy allows care to be customized and personalized for the individual receiving it.

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