What Do You Say in a Healthcare Cover Letter?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to crafting the perfect cover letter. Many people avoid them all together. Or, they may not create something that is readable or engaging for the hiring manager. It is important that you say the right things in your cover letter to attract the attention of employers. Make them want to call you and learn more about your story and your background. Here are some things you should demonstrate in your next healthcare cover letter.

Demonstrate versatility.

The healthcare industry is about as fast-paced as an industry can get, so it is important that you can demonstrate how versatile and flexible you are on the job. Write about some of your experiences in this arena to give them a baseline idea of how you can fit into their environment. Explain how you can help in multiple areas or juggle multiple responsibilities on a daily basis.

Share data to support experience.

There are very few ways to communicate experience, but one of the best is to express it in numbers. Numbers tell a big part of your story. Whenever you can, share examples of how many times you accomplished something or how much money the work you did saved your former employers. Those types of examples work across any healthcare facility as anyone can understand dollars and cents.

Reflect how you work with others.

Healthcare is also a team-based workplace. It is imperative that you get along with other staff or at least know how to work together constructively. Share your communications skills and stories of how you’ve worked well with others in the past. Explain your teamwork skills or if you’ve been on projects that led to success.

Use storytelling to engage the reader.

All of this should be formatted in a way that engages the reader. People respond to stories, so craft your letter as a narrative. It should never be more than a page long, but it can be creative and inviting to encourage the reader to all you right away to learn more.

Show them how you can add value

Lastly, you want to demonstrate how you will add value to their environment if they hire you. This is the number one question you can answer for them. When they need to hire someone it means they have a problem to solve, and you need to share how you are the solution.

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