Internal Hire or Passive Candidate: What Is the Right Candidate Search Strategy?

temp-staffing-washington-dcYour accounting firm needs new talent to stay viable in today’s market. So if you’re looking for the right professionals to add to your team, how do you get started? What if you’re passing up the right candidates directly under your nose? Or, what if the right person isn’t actively looking for a job today but would consider your company? Many accounting managers are considering the advantages of hiring internal or passive candidates. Here are some things to consider.

How will someone feel if they’re bypassed?

Imagine this scenario. You have a talented employee who is perfect in their current role. They have been with your company for over five years and you’re concerned about putting someone else in that position because you’ll lose their expertise. But you have a higher level position that may also be a good fit for this person, but instead of promoting them, you hire someone new. How will your current employee feel about missing out on an opportunity for career growth with your company?

Is it easier to hire an entry level person?

The truth is, it may be easier to hire someone entry level for a job than bring in someone with many years of experience who may have a different, and highly ingrained, work style that won’t match your business. Promote your top performers and hire entry level employees who are more mold-able and trainable in those beginner positions.

What will be more economical for your company?

Another thing to look at is your bottom line. Sure, you will need to worry about a salary increase for your promoted employee, but you won’t need to worry about a learning curve as they pick up the new processes related to the new job. You won’t have to pay for the application process, the training process, or missing out on revenue streams as this position goes unfilled. A bad hire in a higher level position may cost your company more overall than a mistake at a lower level position.

How do you find a passive candidate?

The other challenge with hiring a passive candidate over your internal candidate is the source. Unlike an active candidate or someone who is currently looking for a job, a passive candidate isn’t making themselves available. You will work with an agency to help you find them and lure them away to your organization with promises of things that aren’t possible in their current job. But if you instill loyalty by promoting your internal employees, they won’t become passive candidates for someone else.

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