Become More Productive in Your Legal Career

Your legal career can be made or broken by your ability to stay organized and on top of tasks each week. But can you make a plan to become even more productive? There are some simple tricks you can use to enhance your overall productivity and performance and demonstrate to your employer that you’re a top performer at their firm. Here are just four things you can do to become more productive in your legal career.

1. Create a timeline and work backward.

What is the ultimate goal for the current project? Once you determine that, you can create a list of tasks and a timeframe to accomplish everything. But consider working backward. Or, if that won’t work, start with the hardest tasks first so you can focus on those fully before taking on the easiest parts of the process.

2. Schedule time for your email inbox.

Email has a tendency to slow everyone down. We all jump when we see a new email pop into our inbox. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t keep email open all day. Instead, schedule time in the morning, right after lunch, and before the end of the day to respond to anything that has come across your desk.

3. Set aside Friday to plan the following week.

Friday afternoons are tough for a lot of reasons. You’re ready to be out of the office and enjoy your weekend. So harness that energy and use it to plan your following week. Don’t schedule anything critical for the afternoon on Friday. Instead, use that time to plan your following week so you can start right away on Monday morning.

4. Find apps that can help you be more efficient.

Why not embrace technology to help you be more productive. Use scheduling tools, organizational apps, and more to help you stay on top of your job and duties throughout the day and week. There are plenty of options so surely you can find something that will work for you and your workstyle.

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