4 Annoying Behaviors to Remove from Your Job Search

You’re looking for a job. You may scour the online job postings or review social media to find the right opportunity for your next career move. But how you approach your job search is as important as the results. Are you engaging in behaviors that seem logical to you but are huge red flags for the hiring managers? Before you make a major mistake, here are 4 of the most annoying behaviors job seekers have that you should remove from your search now.

Calling before you set up a time to talk.

No matter how much you want that job, it is essential for you to understand that the hiring manager is doing more with their day than waiting to hear from you. They are busy, so calling them and disrupting their day can cause them to become frustrated rather than intrigued. Instead, send a quick introductory email and ask to set up a time to talk. If they don’t bite, don’t just call them.

Not writing a professional email.

When you are writing an email, make sure you pay attention to your language and writing style. For instance, when sending your resume attachment, make sure you create a cover letter email to go with it to introduce yourself and encourage them to contact you. Avoid emojis, casual language, or too many exclamation points.

Not personalizing an email blast.

If you are sending your resume to multiple companies, don’t send the same form email over and over again. No matter what you think, it does look obvious. If you can, at least address each email to the hiring manager by name. Never use “To Whom it May Concern.” But it really does wonders to take a few moments to write a personal letter to each hiring manager and will make a better first impression.

Engaging in a one-sided relationship.

Remember, when you’re looking for a job you can get really caught up in what a hiring manager can do for you, but it is imperative that you also consider what you can do for them. When speaking with them, place your experience in the context of how it can help solve their most pressing problems. If you think of additional ways you can help them, let them know.

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