Project Management Software Increases Billable Hours

Law firms, like many other client services industries, rely on billable hours to ensure they are being paid for the work they’ve done. But everyone understands that the billable hours aren’t always a reflection of the actual hours worked by all of your employees across the board. So how can you make sure your billable hours are tracked in such a way that you’re being paid fairly for the work you’ve done for each client? The answer may lie in project management software.

Properly track time spent on administrative tasks.

It is often the minutiae of a job that gets left off the billable hours. You may not think to charge for the simple phone calls or daily administrative tasks. But with a project management software tool in place, you can track every aspect of your support staff to make sure each client is being billed for the total hours.

Fully understand the hours put in by your support staff.

This will also help you better understand the hours your support staff is spending on projects, and give you an opportunity to make adjustments if some aspects aren’t working. You may find that there are more efficient ways to handle certain tasks and can change those parts to be more effective.

Maintain proper record keeping throughout the project.

Your client will also want to make sure you maintain records that reflect how these hours are spent and what will need to be done. This way you can provide details and justification for the hours spent and the money that each task will cost your clients. It will also help you determine the process for similar clients in the future.

Complete all aspects of each client’s project.

Proper reporting will also allow you ensure that every aspect of a client’s project is completed on time and in its entirety. It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks when you’re unable to track every aspect, so make sure that you don’t miss out on any parts.

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