4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Education


Do you want to enhance your accounting experience through education? Before you start, it’s worth the exercise to look at all the potential options that can help you gain new experience and insight. There are solutions for continuing education at all price points, so don’t think there are only a few choices for your career. Whatever would best suit your personal goals is going to be the right answer for you. Here are just 4 ways to advance your accounting education to get you started.

1. Get your MBA.

This may be the most expensive option, but it can be a good choice for your career advancement. Your MBA gives you credentials that many employers are looking for when it comes to hiring for financial and accounting professionals. If you’re interested in the investment and the dedication it takes to achieve this milestone, check out the opportunities in your area or through online university programs.

2. Use internal resources.

For a much less expensive option, look at what your company currently offers. They may have access to webinars that can provide additional training in your specialization. They may have a library of books or eBooks that you can read to enhance your experience on the job. You may even be able to shadow a coworker with more experience to learn more insight on their role within the company.

3. Get certifications.

Requiring some monetary investments, some accounting professionals opt for certifications rather than another college degree. Depending on what you want to learn, you can work on certifications for Certified Bank Auditor, Certified Government Auditing Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, or an Enrolled Agent.

4. Attend events and conferences.

Another free or low-cost resource in your community is to attend local networking events or industry conferences. This doesn’t only expand your knowledge but also your community. You can meet others who have similar experiences or who can point you in new directions with your career. These events will generally offer a takeaway that can help you enhance your career at home.

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