Passive Job Candidates Focus on These Areas When Negotiating a New Job


Do you know the benefits of hiring a passive candidate for your open accounting job? A passive candidate is someone who is not actively looking for a new job. You or your recruiting partner may have found them at a competitor’s company through sources such as LinkedIn. They may not have been considering a new job at all, but the offer from your company may prove too good for them to pass up. So if you want to bring a passive candidate onboard to your organization, it’s important that you provide them with an offer they can’t refuse. Here are a few things that passive candidates will focus on when negotiating for a new job.

Better overall compensation.

If a candidate is considering leaving a job when they weren’t planning to, their top concern will definitely be money. If they are otherwise happy with their current role, a raise may get them to consider leaving for your company. That said, it’s also important that can provide additional benefits as well, especially when it comes to a more balanced work and life experience. Better commute, flexible schedules, and other aspects may be equally as important.

A quick hiring process.

To consider moving to a new position, they’re also going to be interested in a relatively quick turnaround time. If you give the passive candidate too much time to decide or you hesitate in your process, you may lose them to their current job. Know that sometimes a passive candidate will approach their current employer with the idea of getting a counter offer, but that will only be a problem if you’re dragging your feet as a hiring manager.

Continued professional development.

When a passive candidate gives serious consideration to leaving their comfortable position, it may speak to an underlying problem they didn’t even notice. What you can provide for them is continued professional development and advancement. Why? Because if you don’t, they may find themselves in the same position after a period of time working for you and be ready to jump ship with a competitor comes calling.

A good work environment.

You also want to be sure you treat your passive candidate employee well by offering them a positive work environment. Make sure you create a culture of gratitude in the workplace to help your new employee see that they made the right decision by moving on to your open position.

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