Young Nurses Don’t Want the Traditional Nurse Schedule. What Can Your Facility Do?

Flexible work schedules have been a popular topic of conversation among all industries. It’s no surprised the debate has come to the nursing field as well. Younger employees, those in the millennial generation, are serious about wanting more of a work/life balance than their Baby Boomer counterparts. But at the same time, nurses are in high demand so many facilities are needing to broaden their recruiting processes to bring in new talent. So how do you reconcile the need for flexibility within the demanding nursing field? Here are some ways you can work with new nurses to create a more non-traditional nurse schedule for the future.

Create an education program.

For younger nurses entering the field, they are interested in career support and training. An education program in your facility can attract top talent to work with you and hone their skills. This can be done through classes, continued education, or mentorship programs with your more experienced staff members.

Work with travel nurses.

Another way to showcase your commitment to flexibility is to work with travel nurses. Opening your doors to talent who wants to try out this lifestyle career can open new doors for yourself and for young nurses who want to see all the possibilities that a nursing career can provide.

Provide more flexible hours.

It may be the case that long hours are a thing of the past in medical environments. You may be able to transition to more flexible hours by using a variety of methods. More flexible schedules in the medical industry is proving beneficial as employers are able to keep top talent happy and engaged.

Partner with a medical staffing agency.

Another way to encourage nurses looking for a more flexible schedule to work with your facility is to partner with a staffing agency that specializes in the placement of nurses. You can offer temporary and temp to hire positions that will give talent an opportunity to see what it is like to work with you as an employer.

Think outside the box.

You may also want to consider some non-traditional options to keep younger nurses more engaged in your job. We can’t really tell you what these are, but as long as you are compliant with current employment laws, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can dream up. Take some time to imagine the out of the box possibilities that can improve the employment experience.

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