24/7 Availability – How Can You Balance Your Legal Job and Personal Time?


Since the invention of the Blackberry in the 90s, work/life balance took a turn in the American workplace. Today, more people are trying hard to recover the idea that work and personal life should exhibit themselves in separate spaces. With a career path as demanding as your legal job, how can you be sure to balance your work with your personal time and still meet the needs of everyone around you? Here are some ways to function in a 27/7 world.

Look for a flexible schedule.

There is a lot to love about the new working paradigm. And one of those benefits for a lot of legal employees is a flexible schedule. Some firms don’t have established hours, they simply rely on their employees to be results oriented. As long as your work is done on time, the hours you work are up to you. Others may still require certain hours in the office, but may have some flexibility on when those hours are.

Consider co-working or remote work.

There are other alternative workstyles as well. Some companies allow for coworking. This means that you and another legal employee share the same duties and are both able to work more flexible part-time schedules. Or you might be able to work remotely from home.

Make your personal life a priority.

In any case, regardless of your specific schedule, it’s essential that you make your personal life a priority. Make time for your family. Turn off technology when you’re eating meals or watching movies with your loved ones. Be sure to go out with your friends for social activities.

Work with a recruiter.

Of course, in order to find a law job that works for your schedule and increases your work/life balance, you should consider working with a recruiter. A recruiter who specializes in legal staffing can help you find the right firm that is a match for your career goals as well as your personal life balance.

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