New Career Options for the JD Degree


Going to law school is a significant commitment. Before you even get accepted to a law school, you spend months, or even years, preparing to take the LSAT. Once that’s completed, the application process starts. Once you select your school you often only have a couple of months to make all of your arrangements in terms of relocation and housing. Then the real fun begins. Three years of classes, organizations, and even internships. So, what do you plan to do with that JD once you have it? There are some new industries that are hurting for legal experts, so consider these when starting your journey to law school.

Legal experience for startups.

One of the top industries for new law school graduates is within the startup market. Organizations, specifically those within the technology industry, are starting up in great numbers all across the country. These companies need legal professionals to help them navigate the process and ensure they are compliant with new business laws.

Policies at tech companies.

Tech companies also need experts on all kinds of policies that will affect their business. Everything from banking regulations to tax law will affect tech companies, and without legal experts in these roles, they will find themselves spending too much for individualized consulting.


One of the top industries today is cybersecurity. While the subject has been talked about for the better part of the last decade, it’s taken a while for the laws to catch up with it. Having a legal expert on staff to help navigate the world of cybersecurity and how national and international laws affect it is critical.

Artificial intelligence.

Companies are starting to develop more AI as well, but the legal implication of this technology isn’t well known. This will be a cutting-edge field for new lawyers to dive into when they graduate from law school. Learning about technology and AI may give new lawyers an advantage.

Data privacy law.

With all the news about social media and our personal data over the last couple of years, it’s no wonder that data privacy is becoming a hot-button topic for lawyers. New graduates who have spent time understanding privacy law and applying it to current legal parameters can help companies remain compliant.

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