An Agile Healthcare Practice Is a Successful Healthcare Practice


You may have heard the term “agile” used in the context of software development and project management. There is a movement to bring this professional mode of thinking to different industries, including healthcare. The idea is to break down processes so they can be completed in a quick and easy manner. There are many ways to create an agile work environment in your facility or clinic. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Reinforce a strong team culture.

Making processes quick and easy to perform is only one portion of creating an agile work environment. Especially for healthcare, where team communication is a high priority, it’s imperative that you spend time reinforcing the team culture of your workplace.

Promote workflow integration.

For a healthcare environment to maintain agility, the workflow between physicians and clinical staff has to be taken into account. Each member of the team has an important role to play, so the reinforcing positive working relationships and smooth systems will prevent bottlenecks when the need is critical.

Lead by example.

As a manager, you should also be demonstrating an agile workplace for your employees. Even if your team seems to be in the flow of working together well, they still need strong leadership to help them maintain the positive systems you’ve put in place. Practice agility in your own work.

Reward agile actions.

When a system or process goes smoothly, be sure to reinforce that behavior with positive affirmations. In some cases, a simple “thank you” will be enough to give your team the boost of confidence they need to maintain their actions. Be sure to provide additional incentives to create a positive workplace environment.

Reassess regularly.

There is never just a set and forget setting when it comes to healthcare management. Even when things are going smoothly, there is always room for improvement. There may also be additional processes that need to be adapted into the regular workflow, so assessing often is imperative to ensure a smooth adaption of new things.

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