Technology Advice – Could This Be Your New Revenue Stream?


Have you had clients ask you a question about their accounting software? If so, how do you accommodate? You may simply give advice, based on your own experience, but you could be missing out on a major revenue stream. A recent industry survey showed that nearly 85 percent of accounting firms were asked in a 12-month period to help a client tackle a technology question. If you face these kinds of inquiries frequently, you may want to begin offering technology consulting as a part of your business. How does that work when your expertise is in accounting, not IT? We can help.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

It’s understandable if you wouldn’t want to staff a division of your accounting firm specifically to tackle the technical questions of your clients. But you may not have to. You can partner with an agency to develop a contingent workforce of technology experts who can be dispatched to help with client questions or even support.

If the enterprise becomes lucrative for you, you can work with the agency to create a more full-time staff to work in-house and provide these services to clients.

Train Clients

Your tech staff can help train your clients on the use of the software in their office or remote environments. Many people learn by doing or maybe they learn better with instruction rather than reading comprehension. Whatever works for them is the right way. But learning individual steps to accomplish any given task won’t be as valuable as learning the underlying processes.

You can provide insight that even corporate trainers can’t. Since you have also utilized these very software packages, you understand how they really work for individuals and companies.

Continued Support

Sometimes your clients have questions about using their software and they’d rather talk to you instead of than their IT support since you have firsthand knowledge. If you were to offer accounting tech support as a part of your firm, you would be able to provide continued value to your clients both from an accounting and a tech perspective.

If you have the team at hand or available by contract, you can also continue to focus on your accounting business without having to take time out to help your clients with these questions.

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