Legal Job Interview Question: How Do You Sell Your Firm’s Value?


When you interview for your next legal job, you’ll need to do a lot of sales. While you didn’t go into the law to be a salesperson, every interview is a chance to market your skills to a potential employer. One thing law firms measure is value. Whether you’re pitching clients or yourself, you need to be able to understand your value and the value of the firm you’re working with. Here are a few ways you can sell value in an interview and once you’re on the job.

Not Everything Can Compete on Price

One important talking point for lawyers or other legal professionals is to know that price isn’t always the more important thing to consider when it comes to services. If you can communicate this effectively, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

But you also have to demonstrate what it is that you should be valuing rather than just price. What other services aren’t quantifiable in this way? What are you able to offer that the client can’t necessarily get anywhere else with any other law firm?

What is the Value of Your Firm?

You also need to be able to communicate the value of the firm at large. What does your firm offer that someone else doesn’t? In an interview, you can best communicate this by researching the firm prior to your interview. You should be able to speak about the basics of what they do and how it’s done.

That also demonstrates to the firm that you’ve done your homework and that you’re interested in working for them, not just working at any job.

What is the Value of You?

More than half of the interview process is sales. You need to demonstrate what makes you a valuable asset to the firm. What do you bring to the table? You sell yourself to the firm in the same way you’d sell yourself and your firm to potential clients.

What is unique about your experience? What value do you provide that they couldn’t get from hiring any other lawyer or legal professional?

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