You Didn’t Get the Job Because You Weren’t the Right Match

You didn’t get the job offer. The feeling can be devastating after all the work you did to get an interview. But why didn’t they hire you? Most of the time it comes down to whether you’re a fit with the company. What criteria do companies review to determine if you’re a match with their organization and open position? Here are some of the ways you might not be a match after the interview process.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

The first and most important thing to know is that most of the time it’s not because they reject you as a candidate or a person but because they’ve determined that you’re not the right fit for them. That doesn’t mean you’re not a good candidate, but probably for someone else. Though we often bristle when people say it’s not you, it’s me, this is a case where it is almost always true.

A Better Candidate Came In

One of the reasons this happens is because someone else came in for an interview who checked more boxes and had a better rapport with the hiring manager and other employees of the organization. You may have been a perfect candidate in most ways, but someone was just a better fit. When a company only has one open position, the reality is that only one candidate can get the job offer. It won’t always be you.

You and The Company Don’t Have Compatible Strengths

One of the things you’re asked about in the interview is your strengths. But what if your strengths just aren’t compatible with the company’s? It happens, and it’s not something to fuss over. If you and the company don’t mesh in that way, you wouldn’t like your job in the long term anyway. When you match strengths, values, and goals the relationship will be better and stronger.

You Didn’t Feel Authentic

Of course, there are things within your control. The company wants to feel like they’re getting to know the real you. That means you aren’t just telling them what they want to hear because you’ve studied up on how to interview. They want to feel like you’re an authentic person who will be a good match for their organization. If they find that you don’t sound genuine, they aren’t likely to consider you further for the position.

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