How To Get Hired In Accounting When You Lack Experience

It’s the thing that haunts a lot of entry level candidates. How can you get experience in accounting if no one will give you a job without experience? But you can get hired, it just takes some creative framing to the experience you already have. What can you do to ensure you get a second look from a hiring manager to find your first accounting job? Here are some tips.

Create a Network

The most important thing to consider is that the majority of hiring is done between people who have connections. You need to create the network you want around the job you’re seeking. If you’re still in school, start before graduation. Connect with people in the industry. You can start with friends and family and expand out from there.

Get Additional Qualifications

Without experience, the next best thing are certifications. Starting out with a degree in finance or accounting is a great start. There are other qualifications that are well known among accounting professionals. For example, you probably want to become a CPA. ACCA and CIMA are other certifications that are noticed by accounting firms and corporations, so consider getting those too.

Take Online Classes

While you’re looking for work, consider taking online classes to keep your skills sharp. The most important things might be the principles and practices of accounting. You may also want to get acquainted with the most common accounting software packages that employers look for when they’re hiring.

Apply Anyway

Of course, there is a lot to be said about just being bold and going for it. Regardless of the number of years’ experience a job is looking for, apply anyway. As long as the position isn’t listed as a senior level, you can always plead your case and show an employer why you’re a fit for the position. If you don’t apply, there is absolutely no chance you’ll get the job. It’s better to apply and see what happens.


If you really want to add experience to your resume, a great way to do that is to volunteer in your community. Local organizations often need all the help they can get, and sometimes that’s with their financial information. Talk to groups in your area and see how you can volunteer to help out and get some experience at the same time.

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