Essential Skills for Administrative Professionals

Getting your next administrative job is all about how you’ll sell yourself to a potential employer. What are the necessary skills for administrative professionals that need to be communicated on a resume, cover letter, and in an interview? Before you get working on your job search, here are a few of the essential skills you need to hone and include.


Almost everything an administrative assistant does is about good communication. You will be connecting with people at all levels, including customers and executives. You will need to demonstrate excellent written, verbal, and in-person communication skills. You can showcase some of this with your cover letter as well as a phone and face-to-face interview.


The specific software may depend on the particular job, but an administrative professional needs to have a comfort level with technology. You may be asked to demonstrate your proficiency in tools such as Microsoft Office. Today’s administrative assistants should also be familiar with several apps and online tools.


Experience with organizational skills is also essential for an administrative assistant. Not only does this mean you are capable of keeping your workspace, files, or other important aspects organized and easy to find, but you also know how to organize time. Creating a calendar for yourself or the person you support will be essential throughout your career.

Problem Solving

You also need to demonstrate that you possess problem-solving and critical thinking skills. A good administrative assistant can anticipate the needs of their department and act. They also need to be able to troubleshoot situations that might happen within the workplace to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Interpersonal Skills

While this is an aspect of communication, it is also so much more. You need to understand how business relationships are formed and ensure that everyone in your sphere works together. While you may not have a manager title, there is a lot about administrative work that requires cooperation and delegation. You need to work well with others to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

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