Time Management Tips for Paralegals

Even the most experienced paralegal professionals need a boost from time to time. If you’re looking for the best way to improve your performance on the job or as you’re looking for a new opportunity, consider your current relationship to time management. If you want to improve your time management skills, here are a few things you can do starting today.

Use a Task List

Did you know that the simple act of writing things down helps you accomplish more? Choose the format that works for you. Some apps can help you make notes and track your progress. Or you can use an old-fashioned “To Do” list with a pen and paper. When you finish a task, cross it off. There is satisfaction in marking a task complete that will help you move to the next project with a positive attitude.

Stop Multitasking

Despite what our culture teaches us, the human brain is not meant to multitask. When we try to do more than one task at a time, we can miss important information. Our attention is now split between multiple thoughts and none of them get the right attention. Your focus is pulled in multiple directions which can negatively impact the completion of any project.

Prioritize Your Day

Instead, choose to hone your ability to prioritize. Prioritization can happen at multiple levels. You can prioritize your goals for the week. Then split those into daily goals. Then drill down to individual tasks. Complete the tasks in the best order to get you to your goal accurately and efficiently. If you need to switch gears, that’s okay, because you know what you need to do to return to the project.

Take Breaks

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking breaks helps you stay focused. Sometimes, when we’re dealing with a problem that feels like it has no solution, we need to walk away. Then, when you return, you may consider it with a fresh perspective. This applies to short, daily breaks, but also to your personal time off or vacation.

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