5 Ways to Retain Your Young Lawyers

If your company hires lawyers fresh out of law school, how do you keep them engaged? Employee retention is much more cost-effective for you than replacing employees who leave for a variety of reasons. What are new lawyers looking for from their employers? Here are a few ways to improve new lawyer retention.

Create an Engaging Culture

When you hire a new lawyer, you want to know what they offer your firm. At the same time, the young lawyers want to know what the firm offers them. Your culture should include things like professional development, career support, mentors, and continuing education. Young lawyers also want to know you’re willing to utilize the latest tools and technology.

Give Back to the Community

Many young lawyers just graduating from law school went into pursuing a legal career to give back to the community. Be the practice they want to work for. Offer opportunities to do meaningful pro bono work as well as making your focus more on achieving justice rather than just billable hours. When young lawyers feel like they’re making a difference, they’re going to be loyal.

Support and Mentor

The more experienced attorneys on your team have a lot to offer. Pair them with newer lawyers just starting so they can have a supportive mentorship experience. This demonstrates to both parties that the law firm appreciates the knowledge their team has and is willing to work to develop young lawyers in their careers.

Be Open to Alternative Career Paths

Not everyone wants to be a partner, and that’s okay. Allow them to work in different practice areas to gain other experience so they can broaden their skills and begin to see how their long-term legal career can take shape. Also, recognize that your young lawyers are people, not machines. Ensure they can have a good work/life balance, or they will burn out quickly.

Take Direction

It would be best if you also were open to honest feedback from your new lawyers. They want to provide feedback to you as well. Use this information to improve your processes and employee experience. An employee and an employer should be a partnership, so make sure that everyone has a say in the way things are organized and conducted.

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