What Are the Highest Paying Positions for Administrative Assistants

It’s expected that administrative assistant positions will grow almost 15% in the next year. What’s interesting about administrative support roles is the position can change significantly depending on the field. This also means the salary expectations can vary greatly. So what are the highest paying administrative positions currently available. If you want to grow your career in administrative support, here are the industries you may want to consider.


Real Estate

Working as an administrative assistant in the field of real estate can be an exciting career opportunity. Real estate admins may assist in recruiting and training employees and managing the client database. They may also generate leads or conduct follow-up calls. In some cases, real estate administrators may also handle financial aspects, including budgeting, bill paying, and banking.

See openings for administrative real estate jobs.



While the law is a very specialized industry, becoming a legal assistant can be a great way to get your foot in the door. A legal administrative assistant will need to have some background in legal terminology and principles. They will also be responsible for writing documents and correspondence. It is a well-paying field that can lead to other opportunities in the future.

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If you excel with numbers, a financial administration job may be a great fit for you. These roles can be in many different industries and offer lots of opportunities for long-term growth. Financial administrative assistants are responsible for budgets as well as accounts payable and receivable. They may also prepare financial reports. The salary range will depend on the industry, such as banking or retail.

Find out more about administrative assistant roles in the financial industry.



While you may think of healthcare as a more clinical role, plenty of back-office administrative positions need qualified candidates. From medical records processing to coding and billing, administrative roles can be the backbone for many medical offices, hospitals, or facilities.

Check out opportunities for healthcare administrative assistants here.

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