Skills You Should Highlight on Your Clerical Resume

Clerical work encompasses a lot of potential jobs. But what skills should you bring to the table if you’re looking for clerical work? Here are a few job categories that fall under the clerical umbrella and the skills you’ll need when applying for new jobs.

Clerical Job Categories

Clerical encompasses a lot of concepts. It generally refers to any job within an office and can be a great starting place for someone looking for an entry-level opportunity. Typical clerical jobs include:

  • Filing and office organization
  • Data entry
  • Answering phones and providing customer service
  • General office assistance

These roles are often the first stop on a career path that can lead to more advanced office positions such as executive assistants or office managers.

All clerical roles will require soft skills, which are detailed below.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is critical no matter what your job in an office. Information can’t fall through the cracks, data can’t be misentered, and calls can’t be transferred to the wrong place. Employers don’t just want you to say you have attention to detail; demonstrate this on your resume by showcasing your related accomplishments.


While not all clerical jobs will be customer-facing, they all rely on clear communication. Communication skills should encompass written and verbal skills, which you can showcase throughout the application process. Writing a cover letter when applying for a job can be the first test for clerical roles. And be sure to maintain professional communication over the phone or in the interview.


The modern workplace goes hand in hand with technology. Any clerical role will need to understand how to use technology for success. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an expert in any one program, but you need to demonstrate your skills with learning new technology. Showcase your current skills and how you use them on your resume.


In an office, physical organization and time management are both essential skills. Employers want to know that you can manage your time well to remain efficient and effective when on the job. Many clerical roles focus on keeping a department or office running smoothly, so be sure to share any details from previous experience that show how you excel in this area.

Problem Solving

Finally, while you want to avoid problems on the job, a company will need to know how you handle them when they arise. Problem-solving is an essential skill, but it’s also transferable. Regardless of your previous experience, you’ve developed problem-solving skills, so showcase those on your resume.

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