Hiring a Great Legal Secretary

Now might be the perfect time to hire a legal secretary if you’re expanding your legal practice. What skills and experience should a legal secretary bring to the table? How do you know if you’re making a good hiring decision? Here are some tips for conducting your search for and finding your next legal secretary, as well as what to look for to know you’re making a great decision.

Expand Your Reach

When you fish from the same pond, you catch the same fish. When you’re looking for new talent, it helps to conduct a search with multiple facets. Don’t only rely on resumes you get from online job postings; reach out in other ways. Network, advertise in legal journals, get referrals, and partner with a staffing service that specializes in legal placements in your area.

Focus on Writing Skills

Writing is the backbone of a legal secretary’s job. The good news is you have all the tools you need during the application process to vet candidates. Pay close attention to their cover letter. Is it clearly written with good grammar skills? Is it persuasive and entice you to contact them to learn more? These are precisely the skills you want in a legal secretary.

Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

During the interviewing process, consider adding behavioral interview questions to the mix. Behavioral interview questions are designed to get a candidate to think on their feet and provide a real-life example of specific situations that might come across while working with you. For example, “Can you tell me about a time when you defused a situation with a difficult client?”

Communicate Your Expectations

During the process, be sure to communicate your expectations to the candidates. Make sure they understand the next steps, including checking their licenses and credentials, checking references, running background checks, and ensure their skills are a match for your firm’s needs.

Consider a Temp to Hire Arrangement

If you’ve gone through the entire process but still aren’t sure, there are ways for you to try out the working situation before making a hiring decision. Consider working with a staffing partner to provide a Temp-to-Hire arrangement. In this type of employment, your candidate will begin working through the agency but on-site for you. This allows everyone to test out the experience and, if it’s a match, you can hire the employee permanently.

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