The Best Jobs for Night Owls

Not everyone is an early bird. And if your mind and body don’t function well waking up early, there’s no point in fighting it. We all have different circadian rhythms, so lean into your most productive hours. The world needs nightshift workers, too. If you’re a night owl, here are just a few of the great jobs available for people who prefer to work nights.

Hotel and Resort Front Desk Staff

Working in hospitality, especially in hotels or resorts, always offers an opportunity for overnight shifts. Front desks always need to have someone in case of late-night check-ins guest requests and monitor the hotel’s security. There are several hotels throughout the Washington DC area where you can get these jobs and work on your schedule.

Customer Service Representative

Companies also often need overnight customer service representatives to ensure that consumers have access to helplines at all hours. Today, many of these positions are also remote, so you can work from the comfort of your own home during the overnight hours where you can be more productive. CSRs are needed in all industries to ensure more coverage for all possible time zones.

Registered Nurse or LPN

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a career where you can help others? Working as an RN or LPN is a great way to have access to overnight hours and do great work for people who need comfort. Hospitals, residential homes, and clinics always look for top talent willing to work overnight shifts. You would need to complete education and certification programs, but the rewards are worth it.

Warehouse Staff

If you like being physical while you work, finding a job during an overnight shift at a warehouse may be an excellent fit for you. Industrial environments always need night shift employees to help maintain warehouses overnight. The specific work will vary depending on the job and materials, but they are a great way to use your hands and work the shift that fits your schedule best.


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