Why Choose a Temp Agency When You’re Having Trouble Landing a job?

There are so many variables in the job market that you might still find it challenging to land a job even when you’re doing everything right. You can apply for many jobs and still get few callbacks or interview offers. Here’s a look at how working with a staffing agency in 2022 for temporary or temp-to-perm assignments is an intelligent move.

It’s Costs You Nothing

The most critical factor when applying with a staffing agency is that it doesn’t cost you any money. You should never pay for someone to help you find a job. Agencies contract through their clients who pay them to find top talent, not the other way around. Since you’re not making any investment, working with a recruiter is well worth your time.

You’re Recruiter is Your Advocate

When you submit resumes directly through an online application, what happens next. You might be lucky enough to get an automated message. But after that, you never know what will happen. You feel fortunate if you are contacted for the next steps, but often you never hear anything. When you work with a recruiter, they become your advocate. They will talk with the employer on your behalf and communicate throughout the process.

Ability to Try the Job

Many temporary staffing agencies work with clients on what’s known as “temp to hire” jobs. This means they place someone in a company for some time so both the employee and employer can see if it’s a good fit. At the end of the temporary assignment, they have an opportunity to hire you into the company. You continue to have the support of your recruiter while you’re working. And if you don’t accept or get offered a full-time job, your recruiter will help you find another opportunity.

Roles for All Levels of Professionals

Many people falsely believe that staffing is only for warehouse or entry-level jobs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. People at all professional levels work with agencies to find new jobs. That includes industries like healthcare and the law. Many companies work with recruiters to fill higher-level positions, including executives.

Perks and Benefits

Temporary work is also associated with work that provides no time off or benefits, but that’s not true either. Even working temporarily, you can qualify for healthcare benefits and paid time off. You’ll want to talk to your recruiter about what programs are available and what you’ll need to do to qualify.

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