Promoting Authenticity in the Office

Company culture has a lot of aspects that make an office work. One big piece of the puzzle is authenticity. Allowing your employees to feel like their genuine selves. To be an authentic leader and develop an environment based on authenticity, you should know a few things. Here is why it’s important and how you can get started.

The Benefits of an Authentic Workplace

Authenticity is about being your true self without putting on a separate work personality. It can be easy to think that you need to have a professional persona at work, but that isn’t always the best way to create a comfortable workplace. Authenticity at work promotes employee happiness as they can feel comfortable being more authentic. It can develop stronger teams, allow for more effective feedback, and increase innovation.

Lead By Example

So how do you create a more authentic office? Start with leading by example. Many managers believe that they need to put on a professional mask to get the respect of their employees, but the opposite is true. When you can be yourself, your employees are much more comfortable. Share some of the things that motivate you but be sure you don’t cross a line to inappropriate behavior.

Encourage Productive Communication

Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable talking with you about good and bad situations in the office. Encourage productive communication by providing your team with the problem-solving tools and encouragement to sort things out independently as much as possible.

Facilitate Getting to Know the Team

Your employees should also feel okay with showing their authentic selves. Encourage them to talk about their interests and personal lives within reason. Show them you appreciate their authenticity by providing incentives and rewards that are meaningful for them. However, make sure you set professional boundaries, so your team doesn’t get caught up in unnecessary drama in the workplace.

Create Authentic Opportunities

Authenticity is about mutual respect. To give your employees that will help you improve their performance and provide better opportunities in the future. Rather than attempting to shoehorn people into positions that aren’t suited for their skills, talents, or interests. Creating more authentic opportunities that work for your employees will help you boost innovation and satisfaction long-term.

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