Why is Professionalism Important for Your Career?

At all levels, professionalism is an integral part of any career. Portraying true professionalism can help you advance your career and even turn a temporary assignment into a permanent one. So how do you evaluate your levels of professionalism? Let’s take a closer look at the 6 C’s of professionalism.


This is your overall skills and abilities in your chosen feel. How competent are you in your role? Do you need additional management, or are you able to work on your own? Do you know how to ask the right questions for clarification if necessary? Do you feel comfortable making decisions without asking for backup from coworkers or management?


Professionals are also committed to their work and, more importantly, the quality of their work. Commitment doesn’t mean that you push all of your work/life balance out the window and focus solely on the job. It means you give 100% when you’re on the clock and make sure that your work commitments are being met or exceeded.


A professional also understands how to conduct themselves in the workplace. They avoid inappropriate conversations and behaviors. They don’t get involved in drama or gossip. They don’t engage in harassment or bullying behavior. Conducting yourself as a professional will demonstrate that you understand business norms.


You should also demonstrate courtesy in the workplace. This means being grateful to the people around you and expressing that. This means not making someone’s life more difficult because you’re frustrated with a situation. You can be courteous when talking to others and ensure that everyone’s needs are met, even if you need to make compromises.


Being a professional or a leader means there’s an expectation for good communication. You can communicate clearly and effectively and know how to address different audiences. You will also hone your written communication skills and your in-person or over-the-phone demeanor. Your communications shouldn’t be confusing or create more questions than answers.


It’s also imperative that you understand the company culture where you are. You will want to fit into an organization with shared values. The workplace culture only thrives if everyone buys into it, so your mission should align with the corporate structure. Shoehorning yourself into a situation where you are not authentic will not lead to professional interactions.

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