Administrative Assistant Vs. Executive Assistant

Is there a difference between an administrative assistant and an executive assistant position? While there is some overlap, there are several key differences. If you’re considering an administrative career, it can be helpful to classify yourself correctly. Here are the differences and similarities between an administrative and executive assistant.

What is the Difference?

The truth is most of the duties performed by administrative and executive assistants are essentially the same. The critical factor is often who they support directly. For the most part, administrative assistants manage the administrative functions of an entire department or business. Executive assistants support executives and business leaders, such as presidents or VPs.

What are the Similarities?

Though these positions are different in who they support, many day-to-day duties remain the same. Both types of assistants manage calendars and schedules. They will be responsible for regular communication from the department or person they support. Both roles will likely be the first stage of greeting guests or clients. Critical thinking is an essential skill for either position.

Key Skills for Administrative Careers?

To this end, specific skills are essential to any administrative support career you choose. They include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Familiarity with technology
  • The ability to network
  • Analytical skills

The background and work experience may be a little different on each path. Administrative assistant positions can be a starting point to gain skills before moving into an executive assistant role. Education is varied, and college isn’t always required, though it will be with more advanced positions. Certifications are also available in several administrative areas.

How Do You Find an Administrative Job?

What is the next step if you’re looking for an administrative role? Before you begin to apply, consider your resume and be sure to include accomplishments and previous experience that matches administrative position expectations. Then talk to a recruiter specializing in administrative and executive assistant positions to find out more about landing a job in your area.

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