Managing Your Recruitment Strategy

American companies are looking at big growth numbers starting in 2013 as the economy continues to climb its way out of the recession. When your company is ready to add talent to your team how do you maximize your recruiting strategy and make the best of your time and resources? Here are four ways you can ramp up your hiring after the first of the year.

  1. Use your current talent to help find your new talent. Create a dream team from your current top employees to help screen resumes. As the leaders of each of your departments to review a few resumes a day and then use their feedback to determine which potential candidates to set up for an interview. These employees will not only be able to spot good experience but they will also have insight about the personality fit with their team.
  2. Hire short term employees. Work still needs to be done while you’re dealing with the permanent hiring process. A temporary staffing service can help you identify the best short term talent in your area to help fulfill your needs while you continue to seek out your next hire. The staffing experts can provide the best available temporary workers to help and you never know if one of them might be the next long term addition to your team.
  3. Testing and Screening. Skills evaluations and personality profiles can help you determine which of the candidates will work best in your office environment. Rather than acquiring these products, which you will only use occasionally, your local staffing partner will already have access to validated employment tests. Work with outside recruiters to help you prescreen potential employees.
  4. Always look ahead. Networking shouldn’t only happen when you’re in the hiring process. Become a fixture in your community, in your industry, and on LinkedIn to continuously meet and develop relationships with local professionals who may eventually be hired by your company.

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