Pushy Job Seekers Will Fail

There is a fine line between good follow up skills and being pushy. Hiring managers become concerned about candidates who act overly eager or appear desperate while searching for a job. Before your next interview it may be time to evaluate your priorities and whether or not you are selling yourself correctly. Before you give a recruiter the wrong impression consider the following ideas.

  1. Lying on a resume is always bad form. Even if it is a minor embellishment you should never exaggerate on your resume. If the hiring manager calls your reference and discovers this inconsistency they will wonder what else you’ve not been honest about.
  2. The right fit. As hard as it is to swallow, you will not be the right candidate at every interview. Companies are looking for individuals they feel will be a good addition to their existing team. All you can do is be yourself and help the interviewer understand why you will be a good addition to the organization.
  3. Confidence not desperation. When you’ve been searching for a job for a very long time it can start to feel desperate. When you’re in an interview you shouldn’t discuss your financial problems or sound like you’re begging for this job. Alternately, recruiters want to see confidence but not arrogance.
  4. Unemployed or Self Employed? It is unfair but surveys suggest that recruiters associate the phrase “self-employed” with “unemployed.” There are plenty of successful independent business owners now looking for full time jobs and this association is unfortunate. However, it is easily remedied by using the phrase “owner” or “consultant” in place of self-employed.
  5. Don’t be pushy. Recruiters like to talk with candidates who have initiative and who follow up after their interview. Recruiters do not like to talk to candidates who contact them constantly to see where they are in the process.  Candidates who are too pushy are likely to be discounted in the process.

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