Financial Job Outlook 2013

Jobs experts say that the financial job market will be an all or nothing proposition in 2013. Candidates with in demand skills will be able to find jobs easily while those who possess skills in older software or haven’t kept up with the industry will learn that they are at a disadvantage. Some accounting and finance professionals may see a boost in their expected salaries as well. If you’re looking for a job in the financial sector this year, here are some details about the overall job outlook for 2013.

  • In Demand Skills. The key to getting the right financial job this year will be to possess and excel at the most in demand skills. Even moderately skilled candidates will find the job search to be more difficult. Companies are looking for individuals who can add value to their company such as an MBA with an IT or auditing background rather than just an MBA. Financial professionals are encouraged to continue focusing on their education to develop specialized skills to market to future employers.
  • Mortgage Origination Jobs. There will be some growth in the mortgage industry but experts are expecting that it will be with origination rather than servicing. Refinancing will begin to slow down as rates rise so origination will have more job security overall. If you are considering mortgages, origination appears to be the best specialization moving forward.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards. The Frank-Dodd act and IFRS are influencing much of the accounting department hiring this year. Though IFRS is not yet required the standards are being adopted by many of the largest corporations in the country. Because of the international nature of the program corporations that do business with other nations will be adapting IFRS quickly. If your education didn’t include IFRS consider online courses to become proficient.
  • Subject Matter Experts. The days of generalist experience are over. It is important now to become specialized in any of the in demand skills in order to stand out in the job market. Some specialties that are going to be big this year include personal financial advising, business valuation, IT auditing, and forensics.

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